The broad knowledge of the sector allows DICyP Ingeniería to have a global vision, and an accurate and adequate criterion in order to render the following professional services:


                        • Inventory and checking of the premises
                        • Maintenance consultancy
                        • Energetic analysis of the premises
                        • Technical and economical considerations of amendments and reforms
                        • Feasability studies
                        • Comparative analysis of systems
                        • Revamping to current standards
                        • Reports and pronouncement on projects
                        • National and international open tenders


In the Audits aspect, studies of the state of installations are made in order to determine the levels of obsolescence and estimated end of life and based on the state of conservation. A technical audit report includes a short/long term investment plan in order to maintain the facilities at their best.

DICyP provides a methodology for Energy Saving, PEEE (Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan), which is based on Energy Audits results. Involves making a work of collecting information, analysis, classification, alternatives proposals, savings and decisions; the plan is based on PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), which is divided into four interrelated stages and evolving the system itself as feedback for continuous improvement