DICyP Ingeniería carries out Maintenance Engineering, puts into practice Maintenance Engineering Management and operation facilities services in residential buildings as well as in the industrial scope.

DICyP’s team analyses and diagnoses the state of equipment and facilities, proposing amendments on Preventing and Scheduled maintenance, in order to minimize energy and personnel costs as well as environmental protection.

DICyP compiles:

                      • Inventory and checking of the facilities.
                      • Adaptation of Procedures and Preventive Maintenance Ranges.
                      • Maintenance Plan redesign.
                      • Drawing up working orders.
                      • Supervision of maintenance tasks.
                      • Reporting regularly of actions and activities, incidents, management control, etc.
                      • Training of maintenance staff.
                      • Programming the maintenance management through GMAO.
                      • Exploit the information gathered to minimise energetic costs and staff, and to protect the environment.