The aim is to grant our customer the external professional resources needed for the direct control of the investment, on the same wavelenght as the goals settled by the customer. .

With this service the customer controls his project, either in the design phase or during the construction. Constructors and designers merge in a ‘non-adversary’ team.

This model allows the customer to manage the work in a way that permits:

                              • Basic Engineering.Detailed Engineering.
                              • Contrators Management.
                              • Time/Cost Management.
                              • Assembly and Construction Supervision.
                              • Legal Procedures.
                              • Set up.


This management model also allows the customer:

                              • Simultaneously execute design and construction.
                              • More time availlable for the designing process.
                              • Include changes and improvements during the work.
                              • Reduce total set up terms.
                              • Higher quality control of the works.