Transport Interchanges Plan

DICyP collaborates with the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid, as Responsable for the installations of the Madrid Transport Interchanges 2004-2007 Plan, with the technical assistance “Inspección de las Instalaciones de los Proyectos y Concesiones del Plan de Intercambiadores”, of the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, in the: 

                            • Plaza de Castilla hub
                            • Príncipe Pío hub
                            • Plaza Elíptica hub
                            • Moncloa hub
    With a budget for the whole of the installations of more than 60 MM€.
    The installations are:
                            • Fire protection
                            • Heating and air conditioning
                            • ventilation
                            • Electrical
                            • Plumbing
                            • Sewage
                            • Mechanical Transport
                        • Special installations:
                            • PA systems
                            • Close circuit TV
                            • Access control
                            • Intercom
                            • Travelers counter
                            • Bus localisation
                            • Number plates control
                            • Structured cabling network
                            • Traveler information system

The most remarkable characteristic of the Interchangers Plan is its vouch for the quality of air within the hub and fire protection.
We bring out that a screen with automatic doors in the going up or down area for travelers is used to separate the evaporative cooling system of the docks and the cooling system of the travelers islands.

DICyP drafts the following installation working projects:

  • Plaza de Castilla Transport interchange, connection tunnels and parking, Madrid.
      • Area: 74.350 m2. Tunnel: 1.250 m
      • Investment: 102.000.000 €. CRTM
      • Installation Project of the new Plaza de Castilla transport interchange: three levels, 40 bus docks, tube train and a car park for 400 vehicles.
  • Plaza Elíptica Transport interchange, Madrid.
      • Area: 29.700 m2. Tunnel: 1.5 Km y 600 m
      • Investment: 36.000.000 €. CRTM
  • Avenida de América Transport interchange, Madrid.
  • DICyP ingeniería audits Avenida de América Transport Interchange (Madrid) installations.
      • Customer: Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid. (
      • Maintenance audit.