Tunnel M-30

DICyP carries out the facilities working project of the underground section of the M-30 carriageway between Puente de Praga and Nudo Sur.
Award company: FCC
Budget: 231.852.972 €
Project deadline: 24 Months

This work consists in the burying of the two carriageway M-30 in the Puente de Praga and Nudo Sur section. A high-tech complex project that required planification and coordination. The works consisted of burying 1,666 m : a dual three carriageway, one for each direction, that connect with the South Bypass and two other lanes going to the Nudo Sur and merging at the Atocha-Parla train bridge.

All executed in 20 months, 4 months earlier than expected. The final budget has been 280 M€.

The 'cut&cover' method was used for the execution, with 1m wide cofferdams and lightened reinforced and prestressed concrete slabs, with edges between 0,8 and 1,5 m. In the cross section are two pavements 0,5 m width, two hard shoulders 0,75 m width and between 3 and 5 lanes 3,50 m width. The lateral walls are lined with a precast concrete gable 1 m high, on top of which a 2,3 m vitrified pannel is placed.
The lateral illumination of the tunnel is continous in the main trunk and discontinuous in the branches. The tunnel follows european security standards: it has 12 pressured emergency exits and a particle filter system for purifying the exhaust air.

Also the sanitation network was improved in order to give more capacity to the sewers placed aside; and in order to reduce spillage to the Manzanares river and arise its water quality, pounds were constructed.

The burying of the aereal 132 kV power wire through 6 km was also undertaken by these works.

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